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A Lotta Latte Air Freshener
A Lotta Latte Air Freshener

A Lotta Latte Air Freshener

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Like the wonderful smell of your favourite coffee house. 
Whether you wish to freshen up your vehicle or your shoes we have you covered. Our air fresheners are available in 2 platforms. 
Hangable shapes can be hung in your car or anywhere that you want. They come in a variety of shapes and colours to suit your taste. 
Tins come packaged with a removable lid so that you can place your air freshener inconspicuously in a drawer, shoe, backpack, hockey bag or more. Once it's done the job just pop the lid back on so that you can use it again before the scent runs out. 
Please keep in mind that scent is released through heat. The hotter the envoronmeny is the more the scent is released. Therefore air fresheners will last longer in the vold but perform weaker. In the summer they will be strong but lose potency faster.