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About Us


My name is Jessica and I am the owner and creator of Waxy Craft. I am also the person who is responsible for handcrafting all Waxy Craft products. I am incredibly honoured that you are considering purchasing or may even already have what I consider something very personal to me. Of course being a business owner I am personally invested but my soul is literally poured into these products. They are my personal works of art. 

I started of Waxy Craft early in life with learning how to bake with my mother in her own kitchen. Throughout my adulthood I have used my skills as a baker and cook to please family and friends. Many people begged me to make it into a business. It should be no surprise to know that many of  my personal favourite scents are mostly in the bakery realm. Go figure. Along with my talent in baking I also posses a love of scented products. I have it all and I do my best to use it. Waxy Craft is a combination of these obsessions for me. 

I work in a little shop within my home in Fort McMurray, Alberta. I have plans to expand should that be what the future holds. I have so many ideas and I cannot wait to share them all with you. If there is anything you hope for me to create for you personally or in the future please don't hesitate to contact me at I want you to have the best experience with Waxy Craft.